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Whether you’re a recent grad or long-time alum, there are so many ways to stay connected with Black Hawk College.

The Black Hawk College Foundations offer 200 student scholarships each year. Your support makes a big difference! To find out more about donating as well as fundraising events and networking opportunities, contact the Quad-Cities Foundation or the 东方基金会.

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Campus involvement
Enjoy an alumni event, 音乐会, 篮球比赛, horse show or just stop by to see what’s happening at Black Hawk College. Take a community class or become a tutor. We’d love to have you back again!

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 校友 Group Spotlight: Agri-业务 Club 校友
ABCA funds help support student learning and needs on 东校区. To find out more about the group and its fundraising and social activities, visit the 东方基金会 website, send a message to the Ag 校友 Mailbox 或者找到我们 脸谱网.